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Guest Lectures June/July 2016


On Thursday, June 30, at 6pm, Dr. Anca Parvulescu (Washington University St. Louis, USA) will speak on

„East European Women‘s Migration, Racial Triangulation and the Making of Europe“

in ÜR 1, KG IV, 5th floor.

Her lecture is based on her book „The Traffic in Women‘s Work: East European Migration and the Making of Europe“ (University of Chicago Press, 2014). The book is an intervention in the heated debate on the making and unmaking of Europe in the wake of 1989. It argues that the critical project of pluralizing Europe needs to account for the Europe brought together through the traffic in East European women. Reading recent cinematic texts that critically frame the traffic in women, the book shows that, in today’s Europe, East European migrant women are “exchanged” so they can engage in labor traditionally performed by wives within the institution of marriage. East European migrant women, alongside women from the global South, become responsible for the biopolitical labor of reproduction, whether they work as domestics, nannies, nurses, sex workers, or wives.


On Wednesday, July 6, at 4pm, Prof. Vilna Bashi Treitler (CUNY Graduate Center, USA) will give a talk entitled

"White Supremacy & Ethnic Projects: How & Why Racism Survives & Thrives"

in the media room, KG IV, 5th floor.

The talk will draw from and also go beyond the theses in her latest book, "The Ethnic Project. Transforming Racial Fiction into Ethnic Factions" (Stanford University Press, 2013), as well as the work on our co-edited monograph issue of Current Sociology, "Dynamics of Inequalities in a Global Perspective" (March 2016).


On Friday, July 8, at 6pm, Prof. Roberto Patricio Korzeniewicz (University of Maryland, USA) will speak on

"Global Elites in Historical Perspective"

in ÜR 1, KG IV, 5th floor.

The talk builds on the research Prof. Korzeniewicz has undertaken in the past ten years on inequality, migration, and economic elites in the capitalist world-system. You can find an interview with Prof. Korzeniewicz detailing his biographical background, his methodological approach, and some advice for graduate students here:

The two latter talks are part of the GSP classes "Dynamics of Inequalities in a Global Perspective" and "The Haves and the Have-Mores", so students should take advantage of the opportunity to meet the authors whose works we've read this semester and ask their most pressing questions. Beyond their role in the classes, our two guests are prominent inequality researchers and experts in their field, which is why the talks are public - you are all very welcome to attend and spread the word!